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Smart door lock:
[] One touch lock feature is enabled when leaving the house you can press the red logo button on the keypad and it will lock the front door.
[] Use your phone and the August app to remotely unlock and lock the door via WiFi or Bluetooth connection (Automatically chooses correct connection)
[] Using your keycode provided to you prior to arriving, enter it on the keypad next to the front door followed by the red logo button, wait 5 seconds and the door should unlock.












Main floor sofa bed SANDBACKEN setup instructions video:













Upstairs HEMNES Daybed setup instruction video:






Spare blankets are available in the following locations:
[] Dresser drawer second bedroom upstairs.
[] Sofa bed drawers on second floor.
[] Lid of ottoman on main floor sofa lifts up and spare blankets inside.
[] Inside of tv unit drawers on main floor.

Extra towels and pillow cases are in the master ensuite laundry rack.

Spare towels are available on the black metal shelving unit inside master ensuite bathroom.

Beach towels are by the front door in a basket.

Beach umbrella is in the front porch, it has an auger base attachment for mounting into the sand.

Baby gate is available for use on 2nd level in common area.


Travel Crib is available in Master Bedroom Closet.


Baby Monitor is inside the Main Floor TV Unit Drawers.

Pack n play is inside master bedroom closet.

High chair is inside master bedroom closet.

Bluetooth Speaker: To connect via Bluetooth, hold the Bluetooth touch sensitive button on top of the speaker until an audible voice is heard "Bluetooth is ready". You may now search for the speaker under Bluetooth devices on your smart phone or tablet.

Main Floor TV: Turn power on using labelled remote, smart features such as Netflix and YouTube are available and should load the Smart TV menu automatically. There is a keyboard remote available labelled as well, this can make typing faster when searching on Netflix. Ensure the keyboard remote switch is turned to the ON position.

Upstairs TV: Turn power on using labelled remote. Smart features such as Netflix are available. This TV takes about 5 minutes to load internet connection and software so "Smart Hub" button on remote will not open Netflix until that is loaded. Once TV is loaded press "Smart Hub" to access Netflix and login should be saved.

Netflix: If Netflix account becomes logged out by mistake please message us and we will get you the password!

Cards and  Board Games: There are two decks of cards in the TV unit on the Main Floor, there are several other games to play in the drawers as well! (Cards against Humanity, Monopoly, Yahtzee, etc)

Ecobee Smart Thermostat: House is equipped with occupancy sensors and smart thermostat for your comfort. Touchscreen controls on the thermostat can turn the temperature up and down as you desire, simply hold the temperature sliding knob on the right  side of the screen  and drag to the temperature you would like. If is anything you need such as the heat turned on during the summer months let us know we will remotely enable this feature!

Barbeque: Weber natural gas barbeque is provided, igniter button is damaged so please use the provided BBQ lighter and insert in the lighting hole on the right lower half of the BBQ face while the gas is turned ON to the correct burner to ignite the grill. Please ensure the grille is turned off before you leave, we have had guests leave the BBQ on all night and this becomes a fire hazard.

Circuit Breaker Panel: Due to renovations and new Electrical Code, the house is required to have Arc Fault Circuit Breakers that may trip during regular appliance use and plugging in ordinary devices. If the breaker appears to trip during your stay you may contact us for assistance or enter the basement and reset the plug by yourself. Here are the instructions to reset the tripped breaker:


[] Photos are below the instructions, and we're working on a Youtube Video.
[] There is an emergency flashlight in the top utensil drawer in the kitchen for navigating in the dark if required.
[] The basement access is outside the house on the north wall, the angled shingle section of roofing next to the air conditioner is a door on hinges.
[] Grab the right side of the shingled wall and lift open until it has cleared the opening, it should sit wide open by itself without falling over.
[] Proceed down the steps into the basement, the light switch is on the ceiling as soon as you reach the bottom of the steps.
[] The panel is to your right, you will see 7 Receptacles(plugs) mounted to the wood around the breaker panel.
[] Observe the 7 Receptacles have green lights indicating they are operating correctly.
[] Identify which receptacle does not have an illuminated green light.
[] Push the "Reset" button on that receptacle until you hear it click and the green light should illuminate.
[] Any problems with these steps please contact us and we will have someone assist you.